As the recruitment market continues to expand and the saturation ofrecruitment companies increases, having a quality recruiter with whom you cantrust to fill those quality vacancies is beneficial to you in the long run, andhere is why:

Firstly, a long-standing recruitment company operatingwithin your ‘niche market’ will have staff that have worked in the industry they’rerecruiting for. This puts them in an advantageous position by knowing what thenecessary skills for the role are and how to locate a good fit for your company.Having specialist sector knowledge will also allow them to understand rolerequirements, salary benchmarks and have a select number of quality candidatesbuilt up from years of networking at their fingertips ready to forward to you. Whatyou don’t need is a company forwarding a plethora of irrelevant CV’s hopingthat the more that is thrown at the wall the more sticks.

Secondly, the access to job boards and the reputation oftheir Company job sites is a prime opportunity to have your advert go furtherthan the reach of social posting and your own company websites. If arecruitment company has an established and positive reputation, it is likely tohave voluntary candidates registered with them who may be passive, but open tohearing about the opportunity available if it is relevant to them. A goodrecruiter is a trusted one and when candidates are undecided, their ability tosell your vacancy and company is second to none.

Thirdly, the mundane task of administration can be lengthy and time-consuming; interviews, salary negotiations, communications, follow up and CV screening being only some of the tasks to do to find your prime candidate. Popular roles can leave you online with hundreds of applications, an impossible and tedious task to sift through. Whereas an experienced, niche and credible recruiter will not only have an eye for red-flags but also it is within their specialist sector, they know how to sift through applications, they know what to look for and when and how to actively search for candidates, instead of waiting for them to come to them.

Fourthly and finally, it could be argued that there is no substitute for experience. Niche market recruiters know how to sell a vacancy, write adverts using the right keywords and ensure that your vacancy is at the top of any job boards at the best times for attracting worthy candidates. There are no ‘one size fits all’ to recruiting and hiring, it requires sector knowledge, time and resources to explore various avenues and strategies for finding candidates. So, it seems utilising a quality company, such as JohnstonGreer, whose sole purpose is to locate a select few quality candidates with the right sector experience to start the job and become an asset is a good place to start to fill your vacancy.

A consideration perhaps, is that using more than one agency to fillone role, especially in smaller towns and cities can be limiting for bothclients and candidates. If you’re working with a recruiter you don’t trust andyou feel you need more than one, then perhaps return to the drawing board andfind one company you do trust.  You wouldn’t use 3 property solicitors todo your conveyancing work for you or 3 accountants to complete your year-end accounts,so why use 3 agencies to find one candidate?