JohnstonGreer has been operating in your specialist field since 2006 and our Directors since 1994,  during that time the markets have gone through dramatic change, where only the most versatile of recruiters have succeeded. This means that you the candidate can be sure that when you get in touch with JohnstonGreer you will be establishing a contact that can help guide you through your career for many years to come.


JohnstonGreer has detailed knowledge of the roles that you currently work in giving them a greater understanding of your situation. All of our Consultants have worked in the industry and may even have had exactly the same role as you.


All discussions are entirely confidential including any with prospective candidates who wish to enquire about the service we provide or any of the opportunities we are currently working on. Indeed, at first discussion you do not even have to release any personal details if you so wish. JohnstonGreer will never forward your details without your permission and will take the time to fully explain to you the opportunity available in great detail. Even once submitted we are happy to forward your profile on a confidential basis.


Dealing through JohnstonGreer will give you access to numerous opportunities that will not be advertised and as much of the work we carry out is done on an exclusive basis these vacancies will not be worked on by any other agency.