Through our specialist knowledge of the Financial Services and Pensions industries we provide input and support to our clients, often attending and facilitating the interview and assessment process.

Contingency recruitment

Much of the work conducted by JohnstonGreer is done on an exclusive and/or retained basis, however, due to our confidence that we can provide the efficient, professional and effective service you require we are happy to work with new clients on a contingency basis giving us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.

Search assignments

For vital senior or specialist roles JohnstonGreer can commit to a full search, which is a different methodology where the process is split into 3 stages. Firstly we will complete all the necessary research to identify the talent pool of potential candidates, secondly we will complete the initial screening through to "short list" stage and finally we will control the full recruitment process to its successful conclusion.

Advertising assignments

Due to our standing in the market and connections with the relevant media we can advise on a suitable advertising strategy for your vacancies whilst accessing less expensive advertising rates for the benefit of our clients. Our advice continues regards the design and compilation of the advertising, and JohnstonGreer will then handle the response filtering and manage the recruitment process.