Applying for a lot of different jobs? Feeling disheartened if you don’t hear anything back?

There could be various reasons why you haven’t received any correspondence, so we have compiled a guide to help you understand why, and to use this information to tailor your application for success!

As job applications can sometimes be a lengthy process it can be difficult to determine whether you’ve been unsuccessful, or whether the company is still reviewing applications. However, it’s probably best to continue your search until a firm decision has been made instead of waiting for one position.

Why an employer may not have contacted you?

Companies often have many applications for one position and not enough time or resources to contact every individual who has applied. In larger organisations, they may have an automated system in place to notify you that your application was received and automation that it was declined. However, in smaller companies, it may be that if you haven’t heard back, it is because you have been unsuccessful.

Why you might not have heard back due to your application?

There are various other reasons why you may not have been contacted that relate specifically to your application, that can help you identify changes you can make and improve so that next time, you do hear back.

One of the main reasons is that you may just not match the required job credentials and if there is a candidate who does, then they will be favoured for the position.

The format of your CV could be another deterrent. Check that it is tidy, easy to read and devoid of spelling and grammatical errors.

After interviewing, don’t always presume that you’re not getting an offer if you don’t hear back. You may still receive a response, it may just be delayed due to various reasons: logistic, monetary or management aspects.

What to do when you don’t hear back?

Some of the best advice is to be patient and wait, especially if you’ve been to various job interviews and submitted various applications.

Another option, if you’ve waited longer than a week to two weeks is to contact the employer for an update or call/email to thank them for your interview. You can use this as an indication as to whether you think you might be in with a chance for the position.

Finally, don’t stop your job search in the hope of being successful in one application. Any unsuccessful follow-ups may not be related to your qualifications or any mistakes, it may in most cases just be that someone else is better suited.

Using a recruitment agency can help in your job search, especially where correspondence and feedback is concerned. As a recruitment consultant will have contact with the employer, for the whole of the process, the likelihood of receiving feedback either positive or constructive will be pretty much guaranteed, as the recruitment consultant will drill down with the hiring manager why the application was unsuccessful and give feedback to the applicant.

Finally, good luck with your search!