It can be easy to use this time to begin winding down before the Christmas break, but it is probably one of the best times to be productive and tidy up and improve your personal brand and CV. It’s a great time to have a scan of the market, use the opportunity to network and tidy up for the end of the year.

1) Use this time to reflect on the year behind, what did you accomplish this year?

Write down your accomplishments and achievements from the year and then quantify them if you can, making detailed informative notes.

Ensure that the information is of high quality, focus on tasks that made a difference. Even if it is two or three points that are noteworthy, then just focus and detail these.

Fewer accomplishments of high quality can be better than a long history of average success.

Not pro-actively searching for a new career?

Keeping a CV document and refreshing your achievements is a great way to track accurately what you have accomplished for the future.

It’s always good to have relevant evidence for your professional progression on why you qualify.

Having consistent achievements for when you do move careers is a great way to leverage yourself when applying for future positions.

As career attitudes progress and moving roles more regularly becomes the norm, keeping track could be fruitful in the future.

2) How does your online profile look?

Even if you’re not job searching, keeping your online profile up to date is an important factor for your professional brand.

Is your LinkedIn profile up to date with your accomplishments? Does it read well and is formatted properly?

Is your photo professional and the information relevant and appropriate?

Are your social media profiles private or public?

Do your social profiles convey how you want to be seen to new employers? Don’t forget that existing employers may be having a look too!

Refreshing and tidying these up now for the New Year is another step in preparation for the future and whatever may come your way professionally!

3) Have you considered networking?

Consider what your goals are for the next year?

Are there key people in your own place of work or even in another company that you could reach out to and begin building a relationship with?

Expand past the technicalities of your CV and online presence by improving your soft skills such as communication and people intercation.

Finally, enjoy the Christmas period, prepare yourself for the New Year, even if it is just a moment to reflect and make little changes!