Applying for a Pensions / Senior Pensions Administrator Role? We’ve identified some key points to include in your CV to help your application stand out from the crowd.

Hints & Tips

1. It’s important to always remember to include the type of scheme that you work on in your CV, whether it’s, Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, CARE, Hybrid, GPP, SIPP or SSAS. That way, when searching for your new role, a recruiter can quickly identify which role you would be best suited to.

2. An extension of this is to include the size of the scheme that you work on; is it small, medium or large? Is it your own portfolio or is it shared within the team? How many schemes do you look after? This information helps to establish your abilities and the level your working at and where your progression is heading.

3. When writing your CV, it’s key to remember to include your primary responsibilities; Do you work on new joiners, leavers, deaths, retirals, transfers?  Including this shows the recruiter the range of administration tasks that you are competent with.

4. Do you do any additional project work? If you do, add this to your CV! Any additional work is a great way to quickly show your competency in managing extra projects. Do you work on GMP Reconciliation, renewals, pension increases? Or do you help with staff training and management duties? Although these details may seem minor or lesser in comparison to other responsibilities, it shows prospective employers you are willing to take on extra tasks outside the norm and can manage an increased workload.

5. Who are your main client points of contact? If you talk with IFA’s, employers, trustees or scheme members, include this information. It highlights your ability to communicate with a range of different third parties and create and maintain important relationships.

6. Finally, what systems do you use? Profound, Altair, Aquila, Excel? Your understanding of how to use the systems can show prospective employers what you can currently utilise and what you may need to be trained on. Not all pension firms use the same systems, so it’s useful to know.

Common Mistakes

Finally, we’ve identified some common mistakes often found in CV’s when applying for pension administrator roles, all of which are easy to fix and improve before submitting your application!

  1. You forget to include enough detail regarding the size and types of schemes in the CV/you forget to include it at all.
  2. Your detail describing daily tasks is limited and could be expanded.
  3. The systems (such as Profound, Altair, Aquila) you’re familiar with isn’t listed on your CV.
  4. And a final common mistake is general untidiness and no start and end dates with past employers!